Can I migrate an Internal Group to become an External Group (export of a group discussion)?

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Sorry if it has been already adressed, but I did a quick search and must have missed it in that case.


We have companies that are on a different Office365 network (hosted by a different company) and we want to involve them in our Yammer groups. We now want to create External Groups to involve them in what was going on in an Internal Group. We cannot invite them to the Internal Group (Right?) so can we export the Internal Group and import or create as an External Group?


If not are there any plans on allowing this? We do not want to recreate hundreds of posts etc.

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Would it not be better to invite them to be guests in your network, then they can access all groups whether internal or external ?

See Invite Guests here
Here's another link for you, @Deleted:

I believe what you're asking is this:

Q. Can users add external people to existing Yammer groups?

A. No, it’s not possible to add external members to Yammer groups that were created prior to the external groups feature being made available. Starting today, groups that need to include external members must be created as a new group. We’ve done this to clearly separate out external groups from other groups in Yammer.

So @Steven Collier 's suggestion of just inviting the other O365 Network's people into your network might be the easiest way. Any of your currently private groups (if you have any) would still retain their settings so that if there is any proprietary information, it would still be locked down until the new people were added / allowed to join those groups, but all your public groups would be immediately accessible.

Hi @Deleted, we have slightly similar situation to @Deleted. In our case though, we created a separate group (group 2) in an external network to allow persons with yahoo or gmail accounts to log in since they couldn't be added to the existing external group (group 1) in our main network. I saw a post about consolidating networks and was wondering if it is possible to just move the existing group 1 from the main network to the external network. 


This is to carry over any prior discussions/posts in group 1 to the external network so that users with yahoo or gmail accounts could participate.