Can I bulk add users to a Private Yammer group w/out sending them the default Yammer Message?

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A project team at the University of Washington would like to setup a private Yammer group for Transfer Students as part of a larger on-boarding\engagement process.  The want to integrate a link to this Yammer Group into their own communications and NOT use the default Yammer email that is generated when you add someone to a Private Group.   So essentially they want to bulk add the transfer students without generating an email.  As part of their on-boarding process they will send out communications with a link directly to the Private Yammer Group.   They also want a streamlined Login process, at least one that is consistent with the rest of O365. I think this requires that O365 Identity is enforced or at least that each account has an office 365 license.  

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Sounds like something like an 'invite link' to a group would be the best solution here, so the users don't get added to the group until they click on that link (which could be part of an onboarding email). Did I get that right?

We have similar requirements from other customers and I've been pushing this internally for a while. More scenarios like this will help it get prioritized sooner.

Hi @Angus Florance,

This project Team would like to add the transfer students to a private Yammer group directly.  The accounts they add would correspond to the students accounts that exist in our Azure AD.  They don't want the bulk add process to generate any email to the students.


As part of the overall project, they will craft communications to these new transfer students that will include a link directly to the private Yammer group.  Since they are already members (via bulk add) they would be prompted for their login credentials just like they would for accessing any O365 service.


So I they don't want Yammer to send them an 'invite link', they want to manage the communications so that the communications are coming from UW, NOT from Yammer and they want to be able to manage when the students receive those communications.


Imagine you are a transfer student, you have lots of details to attend to, and in the middle of this you get an invite from  You have no idea why you are getting this invite so you figure it is spam and you ignore or delete it.   This is what they want to avoid.


Do you know if this is possible?


Thanks - Greg






This is something our organization would like as well. We do the bulk of our work in an external network, and our process roughly is:


1. Send an email telling people they will soon get an invite from Yammer

2. We invite them to our external network, or directly into a group in that network.

3. They get an email from Yammer (hopefully they read our introductory email), and hopefully click on the button to activate their account.

4. Then, hopefully, they add a photo, fill out their user profile, and join groups.


Yes...lots for a busy person to do.

Hi All,

I'm looking for something simular. A employee asked me if it is possible add a dynamic group with members who has the same department in there AD object. (Dirsynced department starts with FM)
I can create a dynamic group in Azure which succesfully is filled with all those members.

I like to achieve that I can create a Yammer group that creates a Office 365 group with the same name. Then change te Office 365 group to dynamic for department FM.
Is that allready possible or is it on the roadmap?


For now I'm struggeling that in my tenant when I create a new Yammer group there is no Office 365 group created While Creating Office 365 is enabled for all users. But thats another question than @Larry Glickman's Question


We have a similar requirement for our Apprenticeship scheme that runs yearly for 15 months ... I can see numerous scenarios for this use case.   Lets say we decided to use a Yammer group for our seasonal workers.


Similarly we want to pre-load our core Yammer groups with all our employees so they are ready for launch of Yammer as a key Internal Communications channel - you know how IC professionals like to control their messaging :)


Garry @ Selfridges

Hi @Peter Laarse, van der -  Our Yammer Groups are not associated with O365 Groups either, in our case there are a number of steps we'd have to take to enable this.  If you have self-service O365 Group creation enabled than the problem is likely related to the configuration of your Yammer network. My understanding is that you would need to consolidate your networks and then 'enforce Office 365 identity'.  



If our Yammer network was configured to enforce Office 365 identity, we could use the O365 Group settings to exert a little more control over the communications generated when a user is added to a Yammer\O365 Group.  Since our Yammer network is NOT in that state, I am hoping that there may be another approach.  

Thanks - Greg





Thanks @Gregory Frick, Self-Service O365 group creation is disabled in the Azure groups settings. Thanks for the tip. Ik made the assumption that it was enabled. Probably a choice in the latest SharePoint migration project because it was enabled.

I think what you're asking is available today. I recorded this video last year. I cover dynamic group at the 6:22 mark. You'll notice this was done in the old AAD portal, but the process is basically the same in the new one. 



Thanks for the detailed response Greg. As you can probably tell based on other responses, there isn't an elegant solution for this right now but I've shared with the team who are looking at our onboarding process in Yammer.
Great. Thank you Angus. That's exactly what i meant.

@Angus Florance - If you or your team would find it valuable. I could setup a call or meeting to get a better understanding of how our internal team wants to use Yammer to improve Transfer student connection and engagement.  This would benefit our team since, there may be some features or functions that you or members of your team would identify as supporting the solution our team is looking at.  It may benefit your team if your team would find it valuable to learn more about this academic application of Yammer. 

Hi, I need this as well - we need to set users up for a Yammer group that will be officially launched on March 2, but we want to add members ahead of time so we can announce the group on that date and already have everyone added. As long as they don't get the auto-email when they are added, this will work fine. (The group is hidden from the general directory.) The email notification kind of blows that plan, though... Any other suggestions, by chance?