Can Admin delete groups?

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We have started using Yammer recently, but only to be able to communicate with ~7,000 users about Corona related subjects (we do not yet have the option to create Company-wide teams in Teams). We are not ready to let users use Yammer in general, so my questions are:


1. Can I as Global Admin delete groups that are created "illegally"?

2. Is it possible to prevent users from creating groups and post in All Company? 

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@Jakob Rohde 

1) Yes

2) No to prevent posting in All Company. You can prevent users from creating groups, if you tenant prevents users from creating Office 365 Groups.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks for you reply.


When I am logged on as Global Admin, I am apparently unable to delete private groups. Is there a "backdoor"?

@Jakob Rohde Not sure. Maybe check with MS support?