Bulk user upload to a community

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Is the bulk upload of users to a community on a new Yammer has been removed? I couldn't find this setting in the community setting window. Could someone help, please?

This is all I could see in the community setting (screenshot) and it got the new interface now. Also, note our communities in the network is not Microsoft365 connected. Functionality like community events and SharePoint libraries are still not enabled.


Any help is appreciated!



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I was blindsided by this today as well. And it was frustrating to scramble to add someone to a community when you cannot locate them because they've never actually clicked on Yammer. Previously, that was my workaround when members who had not actively navigated to Yammer weren't available to add to the community or @ mention because Yammer doesn't see them as members of the Network. I had to resort to adding the person to the connected SharePoint member group and wait for them to populate within the community as a member, which doesn't sound like that's an option for you.
The Bulk Upload / Upload from Address Book is still available in the Classic Yammer UI.

If Classic Yammer isn't an option, then updating the members via the SharePoint site or other administrative backend access to the Microsoft 365 Group would be the other method of add larger number of members to a community.
Thank you for replying Kevin. This is what we did/ Although this is more of a workaround and I don't think this should be the permanent solution considering many of us have moved completely to the new Yammer experience. Any idea if a more permanent solution is coming?