Blog post about using emojis in Yammer


I was asked by a colleague how to use emojis in Yammer and couldn't find anything online that described the process for end users so thought I'd write one up:



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Thanks Loryan, have often wondered how folks get them on their profile pics.


Will definitely give it a whirl soon. :)

Thanks for posting!

Nice write up my friend. There's actually a much simpler way of doing this if you have the iOS or Android apps. Simply edit your profile in the app and use the emoji keyboard to add any one you like. Bonus tip: This also works for group names if you want it to stand out in the list on the left :)
Thanks Angus. I got it done with Loryan's method adding a Jack O' Lantern. Will try yours when I change it Tuesday. :ghost:

On windows 10 you can use the touch keyboard to enter emoji's directly. If you don't have a touchscreen pc you can still turn it on under Ease of Access ... Keyboard



That does appear to be much easier. Darrell Webster countered my post with a video on YouTube to show the simpler way. :)

Nice one Steven.


Though I don't have a touchscreen monitor I enabled the keyboard and just updated my Yammer emoji.



So here's a first world problem - I can't find a Festivus pole emoji to use in my Yammer profile. :(

@Loryan Strant There's now an even easier way to do this if you are using a Windows device. 


Simply hold the Windows key and "."  (Windows key and period key) to bring up the emoji dashboard.