Blocked users still receive mails from Yammer


We've blocked some users in the Yammer admin-center.


These users however still receive mails from Yammer. They can read the title but can't open the Yammer post.

What is the best way to fix this?

Thanks in advance, henk.

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Hi Henk,

See article

Assuming they are internal users, have you tried disabling Yammer within their Office 365/Microsoft 365 licence?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


thnx for the reply. The user was already disabled for Yammer in Office365. But still receives regular Yammer updates. 


User is also blocked in Yammer.


Isn't it a kind of global option in Yammer which sends 1 update a day to all office 365 users?

Hi Henk,

Thanks for letting us know. It could be due to the user still being part of the all company group

As stated in the article, announcements sent to the All Company group are immediately sent to all users' Yammer Inboxes and to all users via email, irrespective of your notification settings

Now, looking back at the article

If the user is deactivated then there is a 90 day period before they are deleted. It may be a case that they receive these in that period.

The alternative would be to raise a ticket with Microsoft to interrogate this.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


thnx for your respond! One questions before i raise a ticket:


  •  When you say 'deactivated' you mean 'blocked users' 

Best regards



Hi @Henk Prins,

Thanks for that! I mean deactivate - see section Remove Users in that article.

Best, Chris