Block O365 Users without Yammer licenses

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Is the ability to 'Block O365 Users without Yammer licenses', as shown in the recent Yammer Mechanics video, in development or rolling out?  I don't see this option in my Yammer Admin portal or see it offhand on


If individuals already have a Yammer licenses, and we disable it, will this setting block them from any session they may have had active (like on mobile)?  

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I'm not sure if my attachment went through. It shows the name of the file with a strikethrough and I can't click on it so am trying inserting a photo instead of attachment.



Hi Erin,


Are you currently using O365 integrated sign on (not through DSync) in your O365 tenant? If so, you should be seeing be seeing the option to enforce in your Yammer admin panel. You'll see the Block option after you have Enforced the O365 Identity.


Here's a link to the documentation on Block O365 users without Yammer Licenses - like everything, this is feature that requires careful change management and communication planning.


(screenshot from our tenant)


Not yet, we are preparing to do so.  I don't see the block box, even if I click like I'm going to start enforcing.  Maybe it comes after you hit 'Yes, I'm ready'?  






That is correct.  Once you hit yes, then the checkbox to enforce will appear, as in your first image.


Also, this is reversable - once it's done, you can clear the check box to go back. 


Let us know how you make out.  :)