Automatic notifications when people join a Group or leave it

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An owner for one of our Yammer groups wants to know if they can get an automatic notification when people join their Group and leave their group.  Is this possible or does anyone have any workaround suggestions?



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I'll bet you could (or tyGraph could help you) build a Flow that would notify you of new joins as part of their solution. However, I doubt there's anything in the API for departures. Baton passed to @Dean Swann ...

Nothing that I know of built in.... (I'm a powershell guy sorry for all the powershell post), but you could theoretically download group membership into a file via powershell. (You'd also have to script for paginating, but that's fairly easy).


I normally wouldn't suggest this for all groups, but if it's just a one group then you could do this.


Basically the loop would run like this.

Generate first instance of file.


Rename Previous file. (Old.csv)

Download New membership list into object $A - select name and emails for simplicity sake.

Import old.csv into object $B

Compare-object $A $B -property "Email" -passthru

Use the selector to determine if they left or joined.

Shoot an email via the shell....

Nothing out of the box. If you are using an analytics solution then that could help. We have a coded approach which uses the API to: Build a table up of group memberships Update the table every 24hrs That gets us a percentage of the way to knowing but does not account for people who view even participate but do not join. For them, there is only analytics.

Thanks for the baton Chris! Agree, there isn't anything in the APIs that I am aware of. We have a metric called "New Group Members" which is the number of users who have joined a group for a particular time period. Typically a month. We did this to show the engagement of joining a group. Sorry, nothing automatic. There might be some logic you could build via Victor's example. By the way, cool powershell, Victor. And Simon, might need to talk to you further about that!