Auto Message announcing restriction of external groups


When a Yammer Corporate Network turns off the external groups feature, Yammer generates an automatic post in all external groups which users of that Network were involved in. The post states that members of that Network are longer able to access the group given that their company has restricted its employees use of the external groups feature. Normally the message will identify the corporate network of this user, but there have been a couple of instances recently where no Network name is mentioned and it is very confusing for users as it appears that Yammer is stopping the external group feature. 


Please see screenshots attached. Does the name of the network not appear when the Network has been deleted? Is this a bug? Is there a way to turn off these messages from being posted?


Many thanks

Janineexternal member msg, no network.PNGexternal member msg, with network.jpg

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Thanks Janine! This is a bug and is now in the queue to get fixed.