Attaching content to private Yammer messages

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Hi, for some reason adding content like pictures to attachments is disabled for private messages in Yammer in our network. In group discussions it is enabled. Does somebody know, where there is a setting in Intunes or Azure to enable attachments for private Yammer messages? Thanks. 

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I'm pretty sure that's a system setting. In my network we can attach images but not other file types to Yammer PMs. Remember, Yammer is de-emphasizing the PM feature, and if the intent is to start in Yammer to get a file to someone you can click on their people card and then either email or chat them (and send the file to them that way).

@Kevin Crossman It is the Yammer Native Mode causing this issue. Once this mode is activated files can not longer be attached in private conversations. It is described here in the MS Documentation. It remains mysterious why there is a difference between private messages and community messages. 

That's good news to my ears/eyes. The PM feature in Yammer is very redundant.