Are creating separate Yammer communities the best approach to follow, to have unique discussions

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I am working on a project for a customer which have 12 offices, and they need to have separate discussion for each office, where users inside other offices should not view the office conversation. so i am planning to create 12 Yammer communities for the 12 offices, and define each community to be private, so is my approach valid?

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I would think it is the best solution with your requirements. It will create some administrative work to add/remove users from correct office groups.

@Malenefri can you please advice more on what you mean by add user to the office groups?

@john john sorry, I should have elaborated a bit - wrong wording...

I mean if you create private groups (communities) in yammer - one for each office location - you  (or somebody else :-)) need to make sure the users actually join the correct group, depending on where they are located. 

I am assuming that you would want all users from a specific office to be a member of the group for that specific office location, so that is why you would need to "force" the users into the correct office location group > administrative task. 

Unless you just want to create the groups - name an admin in every group - and then let the users find and join the group they should belong to, based on approval from the group administrator.

Yes that's a good approach. And as noted, it would be ideal to populate the community either adding the users in those offices manually - or by using a query from Azure AD to create a query-based membership.