Announcements in the group page only for/to specific group of people

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we want to create highlighted messages (like announcements) and show them in the group page only to specific people –groups of people-. Not private messages.

Is it/will it be possible?


Thank you

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If you are admin of a specific group you can post an announcement to all group members (announcement will be visible to all members of that specific group). If you are network admin you can post an announcement to all network members.

Hi Mateja, thanks for you reply.
We need to know if it's (or it will be) possible to make an announcement be visible only to a chosen/selected SUB-group of people member of a group.
In other words, is it possible to hide the announcement for users of a group?

I think you would need to create additional groups for that, there is nothing about group membership information that would allow you to target a subset of people aside from using a private message.