Announcement: Now you can create and share Office documents while collaborating in Yammer!

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Yammer connects people and teams across your organization. To be truly productive, team members need to be connected not only to each other but also to the tools they need the most. Last week, with Office 365 Groups integration, we announced that every team working in Yammer now has integrated access to a SharePoint Team site and Document library, a OneNote notebook and Planner for task management. Today, we are connecting teams in Yammer to another core productivity need: the ability to collaborate around Office documents.


With today’s announcement, users can now create Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel and co-author them with their team from within a Yammer group. Additionally, users can easily browse their SharePoint and OneDrive libraries to share files and start discussions with their teams on Yammer. This focus on enabling employees to get work done through deeper integration into the Office 365 suite has led to the fastest annual user growth in Yammer’s history. These new features start rolling out today and will be available to all Yammer users in the coming weeks.


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Is this rolling out ? I don't have it yet.

Also for me no way to have new functionality... any date for rollout?

Havent see this on eyet.. All very well if you work in a Company that uses or advocates Onedrive use. Is going ot be fun explaining this new adition if it does ever materialise.

Hi all,


Discussion on the Office blog indicates that it was turned on 1 week ago and will be progressively rolling out over the next few weeks.


Yes - this is now in our network. Is everyone seeing it?


is this in all existing yammer groups, or only if in a newly created Yammer group?
Ive seen it in all existing groups on our network
Very eager to see this enabled on my tenant.
F5'ing every morning ...

It's happening in all groups for me. I am still not sure if it's fully rolled out to our network or if it is A/B test.

I'm seeing the ability to create a new word doc within a Yammer group but not the option to attach a file directly from OneDrive in a post as show in the demo video.
Same here, I can see the option to create new document from Word/excel/PowerPoint but still no integration between OneDrive & O365 Groups ...

If I already have X amount of O365 groups would they be automatically created in Yammer as well?
We've got the +New file option as well, and I used it just this morning to collaborate on a project. Pretty neat! I suspect the other parts of that announcement are on a staggered rollout.
@Amy Dolzine I seem to have gotten that new feature today. But how does this link to us getting O365 integration?

I think it's just bringing a bit of parity between other Microsoft applications. Last I heard, Microsoft will be rolling out the full integration with Office 365 in the coming months. Every Yammer group (in the future, when created, and if your administrators allow users to create their own Office 365 groups) will get a SharePoint site, document library, Planner and OneNote. The Yammer group - which will now also be an Office 365 group (if the conditions above are met) will be added to the active directory as an email address as well. The ability to create an Office file in Yammer is just another step on the journey to make Yammer more like other Microsoft products where you can do this (in OneDrive, in SharePoint). One thing to note is - there will still be a Yammer files area AND a SharePoint document library for the Office 365 group. They will not (for the forseeable future) be the same repository.

I am still not seing Office 365 Groups in our Yammer network.

Should I be looking into O365 configuration settings or arm myself with patience :)


I though I met the prerequisite for integration (1:1 Network ; O365 loggin) butI wonder If I'm missing something else.


We do have 'O365 group creation' disable for most user. but I didn't that would stop O365 Group to show in Yammer ( I understand that it prevents Yammer groups to be created as O365 Groups)


Anything else I should be looking for that could prevent the integration?