Animated gifs in Yammer: License? Copyrights?

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The question recently came up here if the animated gifs in Yammer are license-free or if there are any copyrights users might have to adhere to when adding an animated gif to a Yammer post/comment.
Anyone here who knows more about that topic?
Thx a lot in advance! :folded_hands:

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@Claudia_Mayer_SHS Seems like if NBC wanted to sue you for using an Office GIF in a post that the buck would be passed to Microsoft for providing that service to it's customers.


That said... Twitter, Facebook, Teams, etc. all have the same sort of GIF feature that Yammer has. Seems like there would be bigger fish.


But, this for sure is a decision that each org's Legal dept may wish to weigh in on before allowing that feature within Yammer.