An Ongoing Saga of User Profiles


I am not willing to give up!


I manage an external Yammer network with over 10,000 users for our North American non-profit organization. All of our members are tracked in SalesForce, and we manually confirm their membership before we invite them in (or approve their request for access) to our Yammer network. Somewhat labor and time intensive, but it works.


I was excited to meet a vendor at Ignite who told us they would be able to auto-populate our external Yammer user profiles with data from SalesForce. This could help not only with our on-boarding process, but also with giving valuable context to everyone's Yammer activity by making their membership information clearly visible. Recently we heard the following from our vendor:


"...unfortunately it looks like Yammer has deprecated the SSO capabilities from the platform. Following is the link stating the same from Microsoft support.


And because of this deprecation we cannot act as a link between your Salesforce tenant and Yammer."


If our member "Jim" creates a Yammer account, I want a tool to be able to do an auto-lookup in SalesForce based on Jim's email address, copy Jim's membership info from SalesForce, and paste that information into pre-determined fields in his Yammer user profile. Is there NO way to do this?


Thank you for any help, guidance, advice, diversion or solution you can provide!





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I'm not sure why the Yammer SSO and DSync depreciation would affect that, as those source from an LDAP database like Active Directory and is also *very* old news.
The problem is that I don't believe you can programmatically set users photos in Yammer on their behalf, I don't think the API would allow it. However as Yammer is pulling profile data from Azure AD - if you populate the photo there then it should take care of it in Yammer.
I would suggest reaching out to Hyperfish, because while I don't believe they have an out of the box solution for this - they might be able to help.
I am not really concerned about photos, just want to populate certain fields of their user profiles with certain data from SalesForce. Thank you Loryan...will reach out to Hyperfish!

As @Loryan Strant mentioned, the best way to do pictures is through AD.  You should be able to write a script to put information from SalesForce and put it into Yammer.  This would be done through the User REST API.  You'd need some sort of API or export to get the data out of SalesForce.