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Hi All, I am new to Yammer and working on a requirement, where members aren't allowed to post but only allowed to respond to posts done by Admin. I.e. Only Admin will write the posts and users should be able to Like, Comment and Share but not allowed to do their own posts. Is there a way to achieve this?

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In Yammer, there isn't a way of controlling who posts normal messages, only to control who can post Announcements. One of Yammer's strongpoints is to allow sharing and dialog across an organization, regardless of level.

Announcements are only made by Group Admins, but there isn't a way to stop members posting a new thread starter message in a group. My suggestion would be use peer governance in this case, 1) examine carefully the rationale for restricting 2) tell members of the group (use the Info box on the side, the Group description and other periodic reminders) that only Group Admin can post thread starters.

@Kalayan Jampala - Is there any new features or powershell command to now do this?

There is a setting in All Company in New Yammer to restrict posting only to admins, but this setting is not available in other communities.

@Kalayan Jampala 
Check out these instructions for restricting posting:
Restrict posting in a Yammer community (