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QQ: if I post an announcement in All Co., do all users of the network receive an email? Or just those who have logged in?


We need to communicate out to only those who have accessed Yammer, rather than those who have been provisioned but have not logged in.


Would an announcement be useful for this?

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There's a few possible variations.


ALL registered users whose settings (Notifications) are set to receive notification for messages in their inbox, will receive an email.


Registered users who no longer use email notifications will only see a new post indicator agasinst the ALL Company group within Yammer.


I am quite confident that Un-registered staff will not receive an email.


** Am not sure what you mean by provisioned.

Thank you Brett! That's exactly what I was looking for!


I didn't realise people could opt out of All Co. announcement notifications though. I thought that was only in groups?


Ah yes re. provisioning - we have a pilot in place so are locking down who can join or not join the Yammer network (community nightmare - I know. How 'not' to do it) so by provisioned I mean those employees who we have added to the network (but who may not have signed up after recieving the invite).

I would recommend you export users and delete any in the "pending / soft delete" state just to be safe.

Hi Abigail,


I'm glad it was useful. Smiley Happy

Thanks for clarifying the 'provisioned' users.


I'm happy and interested to hear how you go, as we will likely have a similar instance early next year.

The o365 report on user actvity will catch the details of read impressions per users, so if you wanted to just reach out to the people who have actually used the tool in the last 30/60/90/180 days this could also work and avoid provisioned but never used people.


Your o365 Admin should be able to get you an export of the report, then dependinfg your set up you could pivot in excel against your user export from Yammer as well. We do this occasionally to view country / operation / BU level adoption.


Best of luck