All company 'announcement' option missing.

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A couple of our Team (who are admins) have noticed that their announcement button is now missing from some of the communities (all company being the main one). 


They can still post announcements in other communities, but not All company.  Nothing has changed, it just disappeared about a week ago and they are set up correctly. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I wonder if there is a bug or something with verified admins. This other post has similar strangeness with admins.

@CarolineS I have just found the same issue with my access to announcements in All Company. Did you get a resolution?

@Kriley No not as yet. 

Yes, I have noticed this a few days ago but cannot work out how to fix it @CarolineS 

Did you get a fix? I found I had to toggle the user back to Old Yammer then announcements worked.
Work-around is to toggle to Classic Yammer. Then announcement option is available.
To have such switch, go to Yammer Admin Center, in Menu on the left, select New Yammer and ten select "Enable the new Yammer for all users with no opt-out option" .
Please, let me know if it helped.
Same issue here. Amins lost the Add announcement box a few days ago. We can still post via the HOME FEED and adding the community name to post into. Other communities are unaffected at present.
Microsoft have confirmed the issue and applied a fix, The issue is resolved in our tenant, I hope the same for yours.

@BarrieG14  no fix as yet, will try your technique and see if that works

Just some details on the reply from Microsoft before it was fixed our end.

My name is Saima. I am the Support Professional who will be working with you on this Service Request. You may reach me using the contact information listed below, referencing the case #

I would like to inform you that, there was a similar ongoing issue and I have received an update from the product group team that, they have deployed the fix for the issue. Please test the issue behavior at your end and help me with an update.

Thank you for choosing Microsoft support.
Best Regards,

Saima Shaikh
Microsoft 365 Support Engineer
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Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 06:00 AM UTC - 15:30 PM UTC
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