Admin can not Join public or private group in Yammer

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I'm troubleshooting an issue that one of my Yammer Admins is having. For some reason, he doesn't see Join option on some of the groups. The group can be private or public. He is getting the same behavior on desktop and iPad. Nothing unusual in his profile settings. Any ideas what would cause this behavior?

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Seems odd. Perhaps remove them as an admin and re-add their permissions.
Are other admins able to replicate the issue?
If not and the admin remove/re-add doesn't work then I'd suggest logging a Service Request to see if the support team can see something under the covers.

Thank you for the suggestions. So far one other Admin doesn't have the same issue, waiting to hear back from the rest. I'll give remove/re-add a try, and hopefully that will work. 

Any luck? Are they already a member?
Hi Noah, No I haven't heard from this Admin yet. Unfortunately, he is very busy and not as easy to get a hold of. Once I have more information, I will definitely post an update here.