Adding Yammer feeds to Microsoft Teams


At present, Yammer is not included as a Tab in Microsoft Teams. (If you are wondering why you should do this then check out my session at Microsoft Ignite BRK2147 Microsoft Teams and Yammer: Velocity meets community ).


There are two approaches to adding Yammer as a Tab which both use a 'website' tab in Teams.

Tab options in Microsoft TeamsTab options in Microsoft Teams


Method 1

The first is to copy the link of the feed from the address bar and paste that as the URL in the Tab.

Method 1 - Full URLMethod 1 - Full URL

 Method 1 - Tab configurationMethod 1 - Tab configuration


This has the effect of nesting the entire Yammer experience in the Tab. In my opinion, this is less than ideal as you can see from the image below it also includes the Office 365 Suite Bar, Group header, group listing etc.Method 1 - Result (ugly)Method 1 - Result (ugly)


Method 2

The second, and my preferred method, is to use Yammer Embed to present the required Yammer feed. The first step is to get the 'feedId' of the Group from the address bar.


Method 2 - feedIdMethod 2 - feedId


The feedId is the number listed after the equals sign e.g. 4191007.


The next step is to add it to a Yammer Embed URL. The URLs are in the form of:{feedID number}


Finally, the URL is added to the 'website' Tab in Teams.


Method 2 - Tab configurationMethod 2 - Tab configuration


I think you'll agree that the presentation of the feed is much better:


Method 2 - Result (pretty)Method 2 - Result (pretty)



This approach is not limited to Group feeds. Using Yammer Embed, you can display a Discovery feed, a Group Feed, a Topic Feed, a User Feed or an Open Graph object feed in a Team. Users of a Tab containing a Yammer feed may need to log in first in order to view the feed.


The format of the URLs are:


Discovery feed


'My all' messages feed


Following feed


Topic feed{feedID number}



Group feed{feedID number}


User feed{user number}


You can get the user number by viewing the profile of the user. It will be displayed in the address bar e.g.{your tenant name}/#/users/1510755635


Note that a feedId is not required for Discovery, 'My all', or Following feeds.


You can customise the feed by adding other Yammer Embed configuration items like:


No header[header]=false

No header or footer[header]=false&config[footer]=false











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This is great. Would you expect it to work in the desktop apps? I'm finding a tab like this works ok in the web experience but hangs up on the login for Yammer in the desktop experience.

Thanks so much for this, Simon! I have added a Yammer tab and it's working great. :) 

Hi Simon, Have tried the Yammer Embed on a Website tab in the Teams client but when I try to login to Yammer from the tab I then have IE open and I get a 'No messages in this feed' shown even though there are messages in the feed. Any ideas? Have followed your instructions and double checked.
OK - think its only a problem in the desktop app. Works fine in the browser ...
If you go into developer preview, it works fine in desktop.

What are the key benefits of Using Yammer over the the default chat option?

I like others followed the directions for method 2 for use in the Desktop App but the tab loads with the Yammer Login button but when clicked doesn't do anything other than say "You need a new app to open this about".  I really want to embedd Yammer feeds as a tab in our Teams page. 

I had the exact same experience with the LogIn button resulting in the "Look for App" pop-up. And yes, the web browser version worked like a charm.

Hoping this will be changed soon!



I am seeing the same issue. Were you ever able to resolve on your end?