Adding users in bulk via Classic Yammer isn't working

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I used to be able to add users in bulk as recent as last Thursday, 7 October 2021 via Classic Yammer. I tried this again two days later on 9 October but this time it stayed stuck under "processing". I've been trying this almost on a daily basis including the past hour and the same still happens.

I'm wondering
- if this feature has been recently removed or there has been some kind of changes to this function?

- if anyone is having the same issue?


Thank you.


Things I've tried:

1. use a different account to add
2. reduce the number of users in the CSV to 30 or less as opposed to more than 100
3. use a different network

4. ask another admin to try

5. use a different browser


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Are you in Native Mode? If so, the bulk management of members needs to be now done in Azure AD, not using this long-standing feature in the community settings.