Adding Microsoft Teams feeds into Yammer

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How to add/export Team conversation to Yammer group or network. Is it possible to have all posted messages in Team's channel exported/migrated to Yammer
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AFAIK this functionality doesn’t exist currently.

There is a uservoice similar to that here

But I would also raise this as a uservoice too.

Hope that answers your question.

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Hello Christopher,


is it possible to to the integration between Yammer and Teams once "Office 365 Identity Enforcement" is enabled. after enabling this feature, any created Yammer group will be mapped as Office 365 group same as Microsoft Teams.


Moreover, Office 365 resources will be added to Yammer group such as (SharePoint Document Library, SharePoint Site, OneNote and Planner) but Teams is not one of these resources

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Not possible at present I’m afraid. You have Yammer enabled Office 365 groups or regular Office 365 groups that are typically built via Teams.

There isn’t one unified group at the moment where Yammer and Teams are completely aligned.

Uservoices on both ends for this -

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Actually, I did a test to see if I can use MS Teams Office 365 group as Yammer Office365 group. what I noticed is when you create yammer group, for example: group named "Yammer". it will be mapped as O365 group as and if I tried to create Microsoft Team with the same name "Yammer" it wiil be automatically mapped as O365 group with different address such as ""

as a result and as you said the feature is not available currently.

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MS does not allow O365 Groups to have both Yammer and Teams connected to them. It's one or the other.

I don't believe there is a way to embed Teams conversations in any other system, including Yammer. Can't do it in SharePoint either.