Add users to a 365 group tied to a Yammer Community, eliminate need to "join" ?

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I've been researching this and I have a support request in with Microsoft (which after a week is not gaining any traction). Can someone please just tell me, *should the following scenario be possible*?


1. Create a new community, which in turn, creates a new 365 Group. The community is created as Internal and Private, so, only for users in our tenant and not just anyone can join.

2. Go into Azure AAD, find the group, add a member.

3. Member now shows up in the Yammer community as a member, when I look at the Yammer community logged in as me.

4. Member can now go to the Yammer community and is NOT presented with a "Join" button, because they've already been added to the 365 group.


Is this possible and if so, why isn't ours working this way? Steps 1 and 2 above work fine but that's where it ends. My ultimate goal is to change the 365 group into a dynamic group that adds users automatically based on a filter. I don't want to have to add users manually, and I don't want them to have to hit "Join" -- I just want it to be there for them. Right now it's a static group, and I've just manually added a few users to it, but even that doesn't work; the members I manually add to the 365 group are not reflected in the "Members" area when I look at Yammer, even several days later. Why?

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You're doing things correctly and working with MS support on why those members aren't being reflected is the right step.

You haven't said whether or not what happens when those added members go to the community? Are they joined already or is the join button there?

When I add someone to the Azure group, they do not show up in the "Members" area in Yammer. They do see a "Join" button when they pull up the community page.


@Kevin Crossman 

That sounds like a bug that should be reported to Microsoft support.