Add from Address Book CSV file didn't complete sending invite

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I added total of 2042 users to Yammer group and not all were invited. How do I get a report of users that were not invited? I used "Add from Address Book CSV" option from Yammer group Setting. 


Another users were already invited to the Yammer group yet those user "Requesting access to Join the specific Yammer group. What is causing this issue?


Please advise. 



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Hi @apatel3. There is no report available for this out-of-the-box. You may like to explore if there are PowerShell options. And perhaps add it as a feature request to Yammer User Voice Help Yammer learn about how you get work done (

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Hi Alpa (@apatel3),


I've hit this issue with a client recently and we've traced the problem down to the import processing stopping at the first error in the CSV import.

If you have a CSV file with 100 entries in it, and row 49 cannot be matched with an AAD User, then the import stops and only 48 users are added to the O365 group.


I've raised this as a bug through the MVP network, but you can workaround the issue by validating your CSVs carefully.

@paul hunt, Thank you so much for sharing the information.