Accessing external groups from ipad

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Can anyone advise if they have had any update on why you can't access external groups from an iPad? Can't seem to get any indication as to when this might be fixed despite a number that f people raising the issue 

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I havent seen or heard anything further since my last post to the 0365 Yammer group end October. 


Hasn't affected me so much cause on iPad I prefer the full functionality of browser version over app.

Is this a different behavior in portrait vs. landscape orientation with the iPad?

Same whether landscape or portrait for me.


Funnily, a few of my threads from the external group are visible, but most display "To view this message, please update your app. If you're using the most recent version already, please view this message on the web."

We don't have a timeline for when External Groups will work on the iPad, but we have been discussing it lately. There might be a project kicking off *soon* to help bring parity to iPad and iPhone.

I also have the same unable to access external groups issue (different message) via Android app.


Have posted about it via the Microsoft Australia New Zealand customer connection Yammer group.

So far no resolution or other advice.


Yammer external group error - Android appYammer external group error - Android app

And the same issue exists on the Windows app for my Lumia Phone.
The issue I was having has been rectified by Microsoft, if course not only rectifying my personal issue, lol.

A new wrinkle has started to appear vis the app on Android.
Periodically, Instead of seeing a users name I get a users number, a long unique numerical string. When this occurs refreshing will briefly show the personal name then go back to the numerical id.

Checking into the Yammer Service Updates external group I learnt that this issue has very recently been resolved.


Great work from the Android team at Yammer!!