Accepting an invitation to yammer group: goes to wrong channel

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Hi Yammer Help,


This is probably a simple thing but I can't see it. Hopefully someone can comment?


My employer (in the UK) has two official Yammer channels: (1) and (2) . They are currently migrating from (1), which has been in use for a few years, to (2), which is new. They have asked us all to move over from (1) to (2).


I'm in only one external Yammer group, the Monsoon Collaboration Service (MCS) of the UK Met Office (for using a particular supercomputer). So, I left the MCS group on (1) and asked them for a new invitation link so that I could join it from channel (2). After a little I got a nice email saying:


"XXX from Met Office wants you to collaborate in this community:
Monsoon Collaboration Service
XXX and 289 other people from ... and 39 other networks, and your organization are waiting for you to join this community. Yammer communities allow teams to share information, get projects done, and share insights across the organization.
Join Community [linked to ]"


SO THE PROBLEM: Clicking on that 'Join Community' link, the MCS group did appear, but back in channel (1) not channel (2). It didn't give me any option to choose which channel I wanted this group to appear in, so I'm back to Square One.


My guess is that the system sees my email address ( and assumes that this means it has to go with channel (1) by default. Can anyone help me with this? How do I get this attached instead to channel (2)?


Very many thanks for any comments.



Toby Marthews

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