A couple of issues/things missing

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I'm just getting to grips with Yammer as we might be rolling it out across our business. A couple of things don't seem to be right with it and I wonder if anyone can help.


1) I've created a couple of communities, but on the main yammer page, under 'My Communities', it only shows 'All Company' and that's it. I have to find my communities and favorite them for them to appear as links under Favorites. Shouldn't they be listed under My Communities?

2) When in a community I've created, I don't get 'Group Actions' on the right. I've seen screenshots that have this, as it seems to be the place you can schedule live events etc, but I've not be able to find that in any of the communities we have, whether I'm the owner or not (I'm also the yammer admin). The only options I get are: Members, Info, and Pinned.




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1) They don't appear in Favorites until you've actually favorited them. But they should appear in My Communities, assuming you've join/are a member of the community.

2) Group Actions are a Classic Yammer menu. In New Yammer you can create new events from the Events tab,
Hi Kevin, thanks for your response.

1) This is the issue, they don't appear under My Communities even though I have created a number of them myself. There is only one community in there 'All Company', and a link to create a community. Nothing else, regardless of the fact I've created about 5 other communities. This is why I have to favorite them (and they do appear under Favorites), otherwise I can find the communities by the Discover Communities section.

2) When i click on the Events tab of a community I've created, I get a drop down in the top left saying 'Upcoming Events'. Clicking this gives me the option to look at 'Past Events'. But in the main window of Events there is no option to create an event. It just says:

"No upcoming events to show.
Check back soon for events in your community!"

That's why I thought I needed the Group Actions bit. I don't get any options to create an event regardless of the Classic or Modern Yammer interfaces.

1) When you go the community itself does it show a Join button or are you already joined?

2) There is a Teams policy to allow or prevent users from creating Live Events. Perhaps that needs to be toggled on for your username.
Thanks Kevin.

I realised the issue with point 1. When creating a community, it can take a few minutes to appear under My Communities, but if you favorite one it removes it from My Communities and places it into Favorites. I think I acted too impatiently with this one, because when I un-favorite communities, they now appear under My Communities.

I've been reading more about Live Events, and apparently I need to enforce office 365 identity, but when I go to the security settings in Yammer admin, the option isn't there.

In Teams admin, our global policy has 'Live Event Scheduling' turned on.