9 Big Community and Collaboration Platform Trends for 2018

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Trends to be aware of here: 9 Big Community and Collaboration Platform Trends for 2018


Yammer is mentioned--and should have a much bigger role to play, though I'm biased--but in looking at point #7, "Communities Will Unify Customer, Partner and Employee Experience":


Yammer seems ready-built for this task. We've already unified both our customer and employee experience with our Yammer networks, which still astonishes a part of me because our business model is so very person-centered with special care taken to ensure case-by-case responses to customers. And with the new Group Insights, as well as third-party analytics options, Yammer seems a firm contender in this alleged "collaboration fatigue." Or so I think.


What do you think of the trends in the article? 

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True that Yammer is built for this task, but it's not about feature set that will determine the winner. Yammer is an old platform by today's standards, and unfortunately has lost its momentum throughout its journey within Microsoft. It still has purpose and fight, but isn't front of mind as disruptive in the mind of the average user. Also many people had a poor experience (for various reasons, again not product-related) so would be reluctant to try it again.

We are going to be suffering from too much noise. Users currently complain about their mailbox, but at least that is somewhat targeted. I think users will begin to complain about their "feed" as opposed to "inbox".

I hear what you're saying. Could be we need to be more vocal about what a successful Yammer network can do. As you say, the poor experience isn't necessarily product-based. Most often, I hear "Our network is out of control" or "It's dead" matched with "We don't have a community manager."


I also see that the feed will replace inbox complaints--especially in larger orgs.