#87114 - Microsoft Yammer: Restrict Yammer community posting

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I just read about this Roadmap Feature, and I'm wondering if that means that I can restrict which communities are being created in my company?


Or is it still possible for anyone to create a community but just not post in there?

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The feature allows you to configure communities so that only the admins can post. More info here:
But there is still no way to limit the creation of communities itself right?
@Thomsch, you are correct in your assumption that it will not limit communities being created in your company. It looks like Microsoft is taking a different approach to keep Yammer open to self service but still enable organizations to mark specific Communities as company-sanctioned with the newly released "official communities." It looks to be similar to what we see on Twitter and Instagram when people are "verified." There is a small badge next to the name of the community. This will be helpful if multiple "new hire" groups have been created, for example. The admin can mark which is the official new hire Community. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/official-communities-are-now-available-in-yammer/....
Oh my god. I think I just found a solution. And it's a totally easy one. You only have to restrict who can create O365 groups (we're already doing that for Teams) and you should be fine?!
Can anyone confirm that this is sufficient and there isn't anywhere a button to create a community afterwards?

Can you guys confirm that this "hack" would work?

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Thanks a ton!

@Thomsch, limiting someone from making an O365 group will also limit them from making a Community. You are correct. 


Some organizations say they are "limiting" O365 group creation but they have just removed the Create Site button. There are entry points to create O365 groups from many other places (like Outlook for example). This next bit goes a bit outside my area of expertise though I have the understanding you need Azure Premium to actually limit O365 group creation and I am guessing that is what your org is doing from your previous posts.