2 Yammers for 1 office 365 tenant?

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Today I helped one of our end users join yammer by opening the waffle in the top left hand corner and clicking on yammer. Once he was in we saw that he was not in the main Yammer for our organization, but some sort of alternate yammer environment with a different name then ours. Can you help me figure out why this is happening and how to move the users that are in the other environment over to our appropriate one? Need to make sure in the future when people join yammer they are put in the appropriate environment and get rid of the alternate one completely.

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You probably don't have your primary network associated with your Office 365 tenant, it's important that you do for all the new features to light up as well. More on this is described here





Weve had several situations where folks were logging on with a different email domain (still our company's, but not the same as our internal network). They were getting sent to a separate yammer network for that domain. I had to get a dummy email address from each of our domains and be set as the admin, then suspend them in those other networks and re-invite them to the network with the correct email address. 

@Amy Straley, I found this Migration Guide online. Since we were not worried about retaining the data in the false networks we migrated users pretty easily.