Yammer V1 REST API: All the feed endpoints returns same data.

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Yammer developer site(yammerDev) has documented 3 RESTful endpoints(my feed, following feed & algorithmic feed). which can be tried in the site it self by logging in to yammer.com
I have tried using the "Try It Out" to see the response of the endpoints related to the 3 different feeds mentioned above and i got the same results for all the feeds the only difference I found was the metadata values("feed_name", "feed_desc").
As per documentation
"algorithmic feed": The algorithmic feed for the user that corresponds to “Top” conversations, which is what the vast majority of users will see in the Yammer web interface.
"Following Feed": The “Following” feed which is conversations involving people, groups and topics that the user is following.
"My Feed/ Users' Feed": The user’s feed, based on the selection they have made between “Following” and “Top” conversations.
This is not happening with the Yammer feed APIs as all three return same set of conversations.
In open yammer.com, I see different conversations for different feeds as yammer.com is not using the above mentioned endpoints.
To reproduce:
Open the above mentioned links for my feed, following feed & algorithmic feed and use try it out option, if you have log in and give consent to yammer developer app.
Check the response for all the three feeds.

Any of you guys noticed this?

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I recommend that you open a Support ticket if you are seeing the same data from all three endpoints. I did a quick test, and received different data for each endpoint.