Yammer Share Button with Default Group and attachments

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I want to add a functionality to my Google Chrome Plugin which will help users to POST messages into a particular yammer group. User will be provided with a default template of the message content to make his life easy.


I tried to use Yammer Share Button as below,


var options = {
	defaultMessage: 'REPLACE_ME_WITH_TITLE \nREPLACE_ME_WITH_DESCRIPTION \n\n#some_hashtags', //optionally pass a message to prepopulate your post
	pageUrl: '' }; 


But there are 2 issues,

1. It selects 'All Company' as default group instead I want to set a different group 'ITSupport'. Please note I don't want the whole company Yammer settings 'default group' to be set to 'ITSupport' for this

2. There is no way to attach documents in the popup opened when user click on 'share' button


I tried using embedFeed as below,


	container: '#embedded-feed',
	network: 'mynetwork.com',
	feedType: 'open-graph', 
	config: {
		 defaultGroupId: 1234

This solves point 1 but not point 2. Also it introduces another issue that I cannot use defaultMessage. I can use promptText but that cannot be multiline. 

   promptText: "Comment on this customer"


Any solution which solves all these issues.


Below is a sample share popup that I expect.


yammer share.png





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@Ramees Keethadath I know is an old post, but I'm wondering if you found a way to change the default share setting "All Company" to something else. I don't see anything in their documentation https://developer.yammer.com/docs/share-button


Please let me know thanks!