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I have a small Yammer Community (approx 40 people) that is used as a question and answer site. I want the option to set up Teams notifications for ALL posts, not just announcements or mentions. Is this possible? If not, is there a way to have Yammer automatically share new posts in a Teams chat, so members are notified via Teams? 

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you can integrate Yammer with Teams in the following ways:

  • Add the Yammer Teams app so you can see Yammer on the app rail menu on the left (benefit is that users get Yammer alerts in the Teams activity tab)
  • Add a Yammer community or topic as a tab in a channel

As for getting notifications for all posts: Yammer is organised into communities. You can use the Yammer channel connector to have posts in Yammer appear in a Teams channel. 

To do this, you must: 

  1. Identify the desired channel in a team where you want Yammer posts to appear (you may use the General channel for this as well, if you like)
  2. Identify the Yammer community or communities you want the messages from to appear in the Team channel
  3. In Teams, click on the ...-menu behind the desired channel, then click "Connectors"
  4. Search for and find the Yammer connector and sign in if prompted
    1. Note - the connector will communicate between the team and yammer as you. 
    2. This is not a problem as the message will appear to be from Yammer in the channel, however, the connector may need to be "repaired" if you leave the Yammer community or even the company you work for. 
  5. Configure what you want the connector to retrieve
    1. I have an ongoing support ticket with Microsoft at the moment as the Yammer connector feature for ANNOUNCEMENTS does not work properly. However, that is a filter, and you wanted all messages, so just don't set a checkmark for that option.
  6. If you want multiple messages from multiple communities, you can add the Yammer connector multiple times to the same channel with different configuration options, or add it to different channels. This is all up to you really.

Hope this helps?