Yammer Mobile App Email Option?

Here is my situation.
1. I customized my notifications so I get emails sent to outlook if something is in my Yam inbox. I do this so I can flag the Yammer message as a task.
2. I manage a small business so I get tagged a lot, so needless to say my email inbox gets pounded by yammer. (I have a lot of guest users because I hire youth, and that generation does not like email)
3. I then Turn off yammer notifications. Emails stop coming. Ahhh refreshing. I figure I can just select email message in yammer manually if it's important. This is true for the desktop, but not on the mobile app. So I have an issue, the possibility of missed doing a task with no flaged emails, or tons of email redundancy.

1. The only solution is see is a "manual email message in share options" on the mobile app!
2. Leave message marked unread, but then that can get confusing and the possibility of mistakes.
3. Or have a some kind of flag message button that works with office 365?

I am interested in hearing how you fellow Yams are dealing with this?
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Rely people? No feed back on this option?
If I understand correctly, you are looking for an automated way to keep track of posts you are tagged in without getting bombarded with email notifications. Here are a couple of options:

1) Turn the notifications back on and use an Outlook rule to sort them into a folder or assign a category to them.
2) Instead of keeping the messages unread in your inbox, create a private/unlisted group and share the threads that are tasks into this group. Call it "William's Tasks" or something like that.

These might not be quite right, but once you respond, I might be able to make better suggestions.