yammer login throwing 404 error

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Yammer throwing a 404 error while login. This is occurring for a specific user only.

I tried the other ways like GET requesting this URL using https://www.yammer.com/platform/login_status.json not returning anything at all. It's throwing 401.


But when I try to open the main yammer site. It's is opening. That means I am already logged in to yammer. But I am not getting any tokens and login_status when I try to login from my app.


It is working for other yammer users but only not working for a specific one or two users, and their current.json data is also not similar like the users from which I can be able to login with my app.


Request URL: https://www.yammer.com/platform/login_status.json?client_id=[clientId]
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 401

// Error is occurring while calling the following yammer login function 
yam.platform.login(function (response) {});




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