Yammer Intranet integration without repeatedly being prompted for log ins?


We have just implemented a Yammer feed on the front page of a new intranet, based on Sharepoint Online. We have implemented Yammer Enterprise and also enforced Office 365 identity. Still our users are repeatedly being prompted for log ins. How can we avoid this? Is there a way that our users can be automatically logged into Yammer - when they visit the intranet / Sharepoint Online site?

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We don't get an issue, but don't have 365 login set up just yet. We use the Yammer embed with the use_sso parameter set, and have our login pages within trusted sites in IE11.
We don't get the issues either, though we get play with all the setting to get what worked correctly for our environment.

Check out https://developer.yammer.com/docs/single-sign-on if you haven't already