Yammer images, which are in yammer storage, is not showing in SharePoint site until user logged in

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Yammer has a two different type of storage Yammer and SharePoint. I have some images stored in Yammer storage. On SharePoint site I am having yammer feed widget. When images are from SharePoint storage is rendering fine on my intranet site but when Images are rendering from yammer storage, images are not rendering until user logged in once in Yammer app.
Yammer storage URL in console : 


Yammer storage URL in Console :  https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/share-pointprivate/Shared%20Documents/Apps/Yammer/sample1.png


and Image on UI (just "alt" words):




Is there any way to render the images on my SharePoint intranet site, where user need not to login to yammer app first ? 




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