Yammer Embed showing file icons




Recently the Yammer Embed shows file icons. Is it possible to hide these? For instance by adding a config parameter? 



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How come you'd like to hide those? 

It's a customer requirement....

The customer has disabled attachments in Yammer but the icons are visible in Yammer Embed.

Are there any embed options to remove these icons? We also have attachments disabled. If a user tries to upload a file, it fails, but the user experience is terrible.  

Anyone from Yammer reading this? @Angus Florance: do you know anyone who could answer this?

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EDIT: Turns out there's a bug that we've identified. If the network has disabled the ability to upload files, the file upload icons should not appear. We're working on a fix.


No there isn't a way to hide the file icons.

Thank you for your reply Steve, glad to hear it will be fixed.

Is there a timeframe for the fix?

Hi @eblankenship, I think it already has been fixed. :)