Yammer Embed Feed - oversized/stretched logo

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Has anyone experienced oversized/stretched logo's inside the Yammer Embed Feed?  And can it be fixed?


This was encountered when using IE 11.



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Please post more information on your Embed config.  We can't repro from the cropped screenshot.

Hi Sabra,


If you go to https://www.yammer.com/, and enter something like https://dev-orderacq.azurewebsites.net/Space?SFSpaceId=a1M55000000YAeJEAW (our application link), you will see the image preview just below default to a Microsoft logo.  Once you make the post, that logo will distort to a large stretched-out logo which is what I would like to turn-off or disable.


Do you know of a way I can disable the image preview?


Let me know if you need any other information.






Here is advice from our technical team: 

"They can likely use the activity stream API to set a different image for the existing Open Graph Object. In their Embed feed, they can specify a custom image for the OGO in the objectProperties and it'll look better."

I set the image property to "" which disabled the Microsoft logo.


Thanks for your help Sabra!


~ Josh