Yammer Delete Message API is timing out

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I have a script to delete old messages from a group.  The deletion is performed in a loop and implemented a sleep time of 20 seconds after 10 requests.  It's noticed at the execution time, some of the messages are not deleted due to 'Time Out' exception.  There is a inbuilt logic to retry and delete. However we would like to reduce the retry.   Has anyone faced similar situation and implemented a solution or any other suggestion to reduce the number of retry?!

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A continuous loop making 10 calls every 20 second interval ?

Thanks, Yes, we do have the loop limiting 10 calls every 20 second.

Have you tested say 10 calls every 60 seconds to see if you get the same issues ?


We have had similar issues before regardless what is published about the API extending time in between calls has normally seen more stable results.

What is the purpose of doing this? Is there an issue with messages being "old"?