Yammer Connect Issue with IE11 (in the yammer Javascript SDK)

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Since a few weeks, I have an issue with a yammer application using Yammer Javascript SDK (Yammer login button & Yammer login function) in IE11 (it's working correctly in Chrome).


1. I click the Yammer Login button
2. It opens the popup, and I connect with my account
3. instead of closing the popup and proceed the callback, I'm stuck on the popup at the page "https://www.yammer.com/[mydomain]/dialog/oauth?display=popup&client_id=[myclientid]"


In the console, there is the following error :

"Embed postMessageUp failed: Function.prototype.toString : 'this' n’est pas un objet Function"

Error occured in the SDK : https://s0.assets-yammer.com/assets/releases/stable/yam-platform-sdk-proxy-page-bootstrap-97360da082...

==> See screenshot.



It was working some weeks ago but now it's not working anymore.


Some help would be welcome


Thank you

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Guillaume BLANCO-MARTIN I feel your pain.


I have the exact same issue and I believe this is a bug with the Yammer JavaScript in IE11. This not happening in Chrome or Firefox with the same code. I'm aware that IE needs the relevant trusted sites (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/24905.sharepoint-2013-blank-dialog-box-po...) but I have these in place.


The login does go through and if we close the popup manually and refresh the parent page our custom Yammer implementation can be seen but this obviously isnt a nice user experience.


I went back to an old project that used yam.plaform.login and the issue occurred there in IE11, this cant have been happening before as it would have been picked up in QA. Something seems to have been broken in the JS recently.



For information, the problem has been resolved. (at least for the time being)

Hi Guillaume,


Thanks for the update, I can also confirm this is now working in IE11 :) Happy days!




Thank you for alerting us to the issue. There was a bug due to a recent project, and the fix was released on Tuesday, September 6th. I'm glad that IE11 is working for you now. 

- Sabra Goldick, Yammer Platform Team

We have had this same issue. Was the fix auto applied for all Yammer or is there a specific update we need to do for IE11?

Hi Keith,


It was an issue with Yammers own JavaScript which they've now fixed so wouldnt need any action on your part. I've just tried this again in IE11 and its still working for us. Have you added all the relevant trusted sites IE requires?






Have you guys fix this issue?

This was fixed in September 2016.