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I wonder if anyone can help and share any recomendations for displaying Yammer on a Bigscreen? The scenario is a large event over a number of days and we want to be able to create a collaborative environment for people to share content and comment on events during the day. 


Has anyone used Yammer for their events or conferences? Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.  The two recomendations so far are these two. 


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I have not, but I am watching this thread now! We have a big conference coming up for our customers this summer. One of our goals is to entice sign-ups on our External Network. Streaming It Out Loud looks awesome at a glance, and the fact that you can customize it down to logo and colors...that's pretty cool.

Hi Becky 


We have an event planned for July. We are testing displaying Twilio text messages up to a big screen powered by PowerBI but this take a little while for the text messages to come through.


Yammer looks like a much better option as it is richer and posts display immediately.  Our requirement is to get people actually at the event and also back in the office involved in collaborating and sharing ideas.


Using Skype Broadcast you can integrate Yammer and Q and A's into the feed. It works well especially in conjunction with Pulse -


The bit we are missing is the big screen experience. It would be good to share experiences here and see what works for your organisation and ours. 

We have a big conference in December, and would LOVE to do this. Eager to learn from your success!
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I'd like to throw another product into the mix if I may - Feedcast. It's free and available from the Yammer App Directory. It's designed to be shown from big screens and we often have it up in common areas in our various offices at Rightpoint.


It also has some customization options like colors, logo and feed selection. I'm the maintainer of Feedcast so I can answer any questions you might have about it. 

Derek - great job and thanks for taking time out with an excellent solution. The other options have some limitations but this does everything we want to do. Giant screen interactive feed from Yammer users showing posts quickly and simply on a stripped back branded board ! Some of the paid services have limitations around bringing back the groups I wanted to show but this worked straight up.  We have an event on Tuesday to try this out on.


Just to box this off for others asking about events these are some of the tools we are using.  Happy to share further if there is any value. 


  • Skype Broadcast for live streaming video with Microsoft Pulse, Yammer and Skype Q & As
  • Animoto to edit and post captured streams to Yammer
  • Feedcast to display Yammer posts about the event
  • Power BI for Twilio sms comments and interaction
  • Twilio number for longform voice feedback 


The Tech Summit in Birmingham has been our first real chance to tap into the Microsoft user community. We have had such a positive experience with the support we have received directly from Microsoft it has been great to see such an active and supportive community backing this. I can think of two other tech giants that could learn a few points from this. Its quite a contrast. 



Hi Craig,


I realise I'm a little late replying, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring anyway in case I can help in the future.


I'm one of the founders of Pixelnebula where we've built Flare, an affordable and scalable digital signage solution. We recently added Yammer integration to the service which is currently used by a number of our clients to display their messages in an internal communications environment, however it also works very well at conferences and exhibitions.


It's a licensed service, so it's not free like some of the other alternatives, however we offer a wide range of options to help you get the most out of your content. There are numerous ways to display messages, from groups or your whole network, live or curated, and with configurable templates that allow you to tweak the look and feel on-screen. What's more, you're not just restricted to Yammer content - as Flare is a fully featured digital signage platform, you can add other content to your screens using a playlist, including a range of integrated services such as weather, Instagram and Twitter, at no extra cost.


Flare is approved and listed on the Yammer App Directory, but if you want to find out more feel free to head over to our website. We'd be more than happy to give you a demo of the functionality and even provide a 30-day, obligation-free trial at no cost. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please feel free to get in touch via our website or contact me directly at

Craig - I'm glad you found Feedcast useful. On the other hand I'd love to hear more about the Twilio integrations  - sounds like some cool stuff you're doing there!



I'll ping my colleague Aidan a message and ask him to respond. We have Twilio connected to allow SMS Text messages to be displayed on a Power BI dashboard hooke dup to a big screen. 

Hi Derek,


We have used the Twilio hooks that fire when you send an SMS to pass the message to an Azure Function that then saves the SMS in Azure Storage Table and pushes the SMS to a Power BI stream.


This allows us to display the SMS on screen almost instantly using the Power BI stream and to use the Azure Storage Table for displaying other views of all the messages received.

Feedcast is super impressive! I hooked it up to my External Network just now, and it filled in part of yesterday's and this morning's posts. I'll leave it up to see how it runs during the day. So far I like the immediacy of it and the simplicity of the design.

Although I may not use it like many of you are, are any of you concerned about the collection of information from feedcast?


@Craig Stanley 

If you are still wondering about an option, then you must consider TAGGBOX once, this smart tool will let you, collect, curate and display Yammer feeds on any kind of digital screen and is compatible with every screen type, projector or digital signage solution!

Give it a try!