Yammer API service call getting too much time

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The rest call of yammer getting too much time for response. It's taking 7-9seconds to respond. 

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Even I have found Yammer REST API to be unreliable. It is no longer supported. I believe it will be deprecated soon. So consider other options while developing your Yammer Apps


The response on this uservoice thread linked above seems to indicate that there is a new version of the API available which they are planning to release at some point in the future.

What I am reading is that they are planning to deprecate the old version of the API when the new version is finally released - not that they are planning to deprecate the API altogether.

Microsoft has been suggesting that Yammer API v2 is coming for quite some time. I don't know whether they will ever release v2 or kill it in favor of more unifed O365 API approach.


An official communication or roadmap from Microsoft regarding future of Yammer API is required by the community. A response to Yammer User Voice is not same as an announcement or blog post on their website.