Yammer API message.json: newer_than is working based on updated date instead of created_at

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I am trying to pull yammer group all threads based on the newer_than <thread_id>, but the problem here is, its pulling data based on the edited/ comment posted date.



To Recreated Issue:

Posted Messages in a XYZ group:

Post(Thread) 1 - Post (Thread)7 on 15-Aug-2018

Now Latest Message Id in the group is 7. On 16-Aug-2018 again posted Thread from 8-10.

If pulled newer_than =7 than its returning posts 8-10. 

Issues happening here:

If I add comments to the threads 1-7 and then trying to pull newer_than=7 am getting threads 1-7 because comments for that threads added on 16-Aug-2018.


This API call is not responding as mentioned in the document.



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