Yammer analytics with Power BI


Is there any information on what the PowerBI Content Pack for Yammer will be rolling out and what it will look like? It was scheduled for the end of the year, but haven't heard anything for a few months. Will it include group-level analytics? I can't find any information in the Fasttrack Roapmap. Thanks!

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The latest Office365 Analytics Content Pack Preview version has Yammer Analytics dashboard too. But I would not say that it is extensive enough. 

I am also curious - replying so that I can be notified when there's a response :)

Good tactic Antoine!

Thank you Sudhir,


Yes, we're looking for more robust analytics which supposedly will be coming out with the Power BI content pack. 

i'm curious in what type of Yammer analytics you are interested in.

Can you share more details of what kind of things you want to see/have?


incl HR Data ?

daily/weekly/monthly/yearly data ?

Correlation of activity outside of yammer `? 

example: is there a similar group in the O365Group space with the same members ?