Yammer access token for external network

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I have a user that is part of two networks Network A - home network and external Network B
I have created an app in Network B, and using it to authenticate the user via OAuth2 flow, but I am not able to generate access token for Network B, it always returns the access token for the home network
Steps followed -
Step 1 :
This gives an access token like 44865355776-xxxx where the numerical part is the network id of Network B, looks good till here
Step 2 :
curl --location --request POST 'https://www.yammer.com/networkB/oauth2/access_token?client_id=<>&client_secret=<>&code=44865355776-KPHE8H3Wi78heYp8830uw&grant_type=authorization_code'
this returns access token of the form 8530460-xxxx  which is the access token for Network A
I also tried the oauth/tokens.json, but that too provides only one access token for the user which is for Network A
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