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Our company uses Kaltura to store video for and from employees.


In Yammer I can add a link from YouTube and the video will embed and play. But in with Kaltura it will not. Kaltura uses single sign on and so does yammer but I think that may be the issue.


Anyone have ideas on ho we can have Kaltura videos play in yammer?


I was told this may give a clue - oembed and embedly.

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Just wanted to check if got any solution to your issue with embedding Kaltura videos in Yammer post. We are facing a similar situation so your inputs are valuable and appriciated.

I would also like to know if there is a solution to this...

I tried to also upload a video from Stream, as apparently you can get videos to play automatically when a user hovers over it or the page...but it doesn't seem to work. 

Any tips on getting videos from either Kaltura or Stream to play in a Yammer feed would be greatly appreciated!!  

Just got it working @James LaCorte 

You have to ask Kaltura CSM to turn on the 'secure share' option in their back end. 

Hi@Melinda Schaller 

What did you do once Secure Share was turned on? Is there a different way to get a URL?


I have secure share on but I'm not seeing a change in how videos are embedded in Yammer posts.


Also, if you don't mind, did this change affect how your users view embedded videos on other sites?