User status in RESTful request

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Hi all,


I'm building a service for Yammer retrieving the user list of a company and, to reduce the network traffic, I'd like to filter out from the API results the users that are not active.


I am querying the /users.json handler of the Yammer API,

I am interested only in active users, but from the docs it states simply "users", does not mention about their state


I want to filter out all the users that have a "state" != "active".


Is there a way to do that?



Attached a dump of the users gotten from the application in csv format. Notice the "state" column.





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@Diego Marchi- I assume you're providing that sample from the export users.csv file.


Good News for you is that only returns active users. I verified this when I wrote a script a while back to paginate through all the users and list their followers/following in a csv format. I ran the script again today and it is still the case.



Thanks Victor, 


yes that csv was extracted from the exported users file.


In that case, great! I will need to doublecheck with the customer in case he has some issues with the list.