Unable to update current user,getting 403.

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Tried updating current user with the following details.

Put Request :<userid>.json


json body: 

"job_title": "Testing"


    "response": {
        "error_message""Operation is not allowed for AAD connected user"
Any help would be appriciated.
Thanks in anticipation.
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@nsinghdeo I'm getting the same behavior through the admin UI.  More than likely it is because Yammer profiles have been integrated with AAD.  You should use standard AAD tools to update profile information.

Hi @Tom_Kretzmer ,

Thanks for the reply.So in that case can't we update the user from any external tool ; any idea?

To add more , is rest API no longer going to work for AAD users ?





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@nsinghdeo My guess is that the Yammer profile update API probably won't work anymore, so you will have to adjust your app to address AAD directly.  Best practice is to use the Microsoft Graph API to do this.  (Documentation)


Good luck!

@Tom_Kretzmer ,Thanks for the reply.