Unable to post message via Yammer API in group belongs to External Network

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We have two networks in our Yammer:

Home network - used internally in our company

External network - to post some information for our partners.




We set up some automation using Yammer API to post messages from the scripts. It works fine but only for our Home Network.
When trying to post a message in a group that belongs to an external network I'm getting (403) Forbidden response.


When call https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/networks/current.json I got information about both networks,

The same situation in case of call /oauth/tokens.json resource -> I get a response containing details about both networks.

How looks my request:




     Authorization = Bearer [JWT token]
     'Content-Type' = 'multipart/form-data'
     'Accept-Encoding' = 'giz,deflate,br'
     'yammer-capbilities' = 'external-messaging,external-groups'






     body = 'text of yammer post'
     group_id = 'number of a group in Yammer'
     is_rich_text = 'true'
     message_type = 'normal'
     title = 'title of yammer post'




This works perfectly when I'm posting in the primary home network.

When I send a GET request to /oauth/tokens.json I got a response that contains details about both (Home and External network):


yammer networks.png

I googled a whole internet but found nothing. Please help.

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